Pottery rules and guidelines

Before attending a pottery workshop, lesson, or event at ZEAL Creative Studios, it's important to know the pottery rules and guidelines.

Please read the following closely!


There is no running water in the pottery studio. If you need to use the restroom in our private home, there will be an opportunity to before we get started. 

General studio rules of etiquette

  1. Respect everyone’s personal space and do not disturb people while they are working. 
  2. Do not touch other people’s work or tools without permission from that person. Permission granted on one day does not confer permission at another time.
  3. Inform studio staff of any broken or damaged pots or equipment.
  4. Do not offer unsolicited advice or criticism of other people’s work. Positive comments are acceptable.
  5. Exercise good judgment when using studio materials and supplies; please do not waste or overuse them.
  6. Be considerate of fellow workers, take phone calls outside.
  7. Be mindful of how much space you are using. 


  • Leave all jewelry and other personal items at home. 
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing which may get caught in machinery. 
  • Tie long hair up if applicable to you. 
  • Dress in comfortable clothing that can get dirty! Feel free to bring an apron along. 

Cleaning is necessary after each workshop or lesson and begins 30 minutes before your session's end time.

ZEAL uses a bucket cleaning system as to not clog the drains inside the owner's home in the Winter, and due to no running water available in the studio in Spring/Summer/Fall. 

Step 1: Clay and glaze scraps 

Empty all clay and glaze scraps into one of the following buckets depending on your activities: 

    1. SCRAPS
    3. SLURRY 
    4. GLAZE

Step 2: Washing 

Wash using a sponge all tools, brushes, equipment (e.g., wheel and splash pan or banding wheel) and surfaces (e.g., table) using the blue bucket labelled "WASH". 

NOTE: MDF bats cannot get too wet or they will warp. Wipe only please. 

Step 3: Rinsing 

Rinse using a sponge all items using the second bucket labelled "RINSE".

Step 4: Drying

Dry using a towel all items and place them back in their original spots. Turn wheel off if applicable. 

Step 5: Clean floorspace

Place your drying towel into the rinse bucket, ring it out, then clean up the floor around your workspace space. NOTE: You cannot sweep clay as its a silica hazard. 

Step 6: Wash hands 

There is no running water in the studio building. You're welcome to use the hose to give them a good rinse!  

Clay and glaze
Only clay provided by ZEAL Creative Studios is permitted for use in the studio.

ZEAL staff are responsible for arranging kiln firing. Studio participants are not allowed to touch, load, unload, or operate the kiln. 

Selling your work 
We encourage everyone at the studio to get their pots out into the world. We ask that you refrain from making similar looking pieces to ours. We use the same clay bodies and glazes that are available to you. Please confirm with ZEAL before offering your work for sale.

Labelling and signing your pots
All pots made in the studio must be signed and labeled. This helps us keep track of pieces once out of the kiln and prevents your pieces from getting lost. Unsigned pieces will not be fired. Do not use a pin tool to sign your pieces as this will create a sharp edge after firing that will need to be sanded. A worn out pen works well. Any outside tools used in the studio should be labeled as well.

When signing your pieces, please use the following:

  • Your unique identifier (to be provided) 
  • Your initials

These rules and guidelines are subject to change

Last updated: 2024-05-25