Pottery care instructions

Pottery at ZEAL is made of stoneware at this time. It's fired to cone 5/6 in an electric kiln using commercial clay and glaze, unless otherwise stated. 

Food-safe glazes 

Only lead-free, food-safe glazes are used at ZEAL unless otherwise stated. 

Preventing thermal shock

Stoneware can handle both cold and hot temperatures, so long as it gets there slowlyThermal shock can lead to cracking/breakage when a piece is taken from one extreme to the other quickly. 

  • When baking, place pots in a cold oven first, and then set the temperature
    • Note: Not all pieces are suitable for baking due to their design and thickness
    • Do not place hot pots in cold water, directly in the refrigerator, or freezer
    • Do not remove pots from a freezer and place into a hot oven or water
    • Do not place pots directly on stove top or over open flame
    • Do not freeze liquids in pots because expansion may cause cracking 

      Hand-wash only 

      ZEAL recommends hand-washing with warm, soapy water and a soft scrub brush to preserve your pottery's original appearance.

      • Avoid citrus-based cleaners as they can dull the glaze
      • Avoid metal and/or abrasive sponges 
      • Use a dishwasher at your own risk as it can result to breakage or discolouration 
        • Pieces with gold lustre or mother of pearl cannot go in the dishwasher

        Microwave use

        Stoneware is microwave safe with a few exceptions: 

        • Black and grey stoneware can overheat because of its high iron content
        • Pieces with gold lustre or mother of pearl cannot go in the microwave  
          Protecting surfaces 
          • Use a trivet to protect surfaces from hot stoneware 
          • Any ZEAL pottery purchased will be pre-sanded to help avoid scratching surfaces
          • ZEAL Community (ZxC) pots from lessons or workshops are not sanded, but you can do so if you wish. Wet the bottom of the pot to keep the silica dust at bay, and use some medium to fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. Doing this outside is recommended. For extra safety, grab a mask with a P95 or P100 filter. 


          • It is normal for pottery to slightly discolour over time and does not affect performance 

          Release of liability 

          ZEAL will not refund for any breakage once the item is in your possession.

          ZEAL is not responsible for any resulted damage or injury due to normal or misuse of pottery.