Find your zeal.

ZEAL Creative Studios offers pottery, photography, and marketing services, based out of Kemptville, Ontario. 

  • Being bold 

    We take risks and fail with confidence around here. 

  • Leading with curiosity

    We seek out answers and learn from others constantly.

  • Valuing quality 

    We pay attention to the details, big and small. 

  • Finding collaborations 

    We love partnerships that can accomplish even bigger goals. 

  • Finance

    Increase revenue and budget additional funds for community initiatives 

  • Growth

    Expand our team and open a second location

  • Training & learning

    Host workshops and broaden the Energy Exchange Program (EEP).

  • Business processes/operations

    Implement consistent retail hours and develop a blog

  • Customer experience

    Launch rental services and ship internationally.

Kate McNamara

Full biography coming soon.