Madeleine Gagné

Energy Exchange Program (EEP) Volunteer

Madeleine (Maddie) does a variety of things for ZEAL, like glazing student pots, assisting with trade show booths or retail hours, keeping the studio pristine and organized, and more. She's currently in high school, speaks French, and is interested in history, the arts, and anime!

Jarrod Dijkema

Facility Fixer

Jarrod likes to joke that he's ZEAL's lead investor. He's in the process of transforming the studio; he's made the outbuilding structurally sound, stapled bed sheets up for temporary walls, and will be replacing the roof soon. You might see him managing the water hoses, boxes of clay, or helping us wax or sand the bottoms of pots!

Kate McNamara

Owner & Executive Dreamer

Kate started this creative studio in 2023 and has big plans to keep expanding its offerings! She's got a professional background in marketing and communications, and is a self-taught photographer and potter.

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