Photographing a 5KM fun run

Photographing a 5KM fun run

I'd never tried my hand at photographing runners until Jenna Ladd, the owner of Iron North Studio, approached me. There was an event called City of OM happening at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa, and she was leading the 5KM fun run and post-run stretch. 

I have a mirrorless Canon EOS RP and used a 24-105mm lens. I explored shooting manually, in a pre-programmed sport setting, and in automatic. The touch screen is a little too much with all its capabilities. I learned eventually that if you tap on one person's face, it will focus on just them as they run. Otherwise, I was using my back button, which is set up to focus, but doesn't track the subject in motion.

One of these days, weeks, or months, I need to dedicate to reading my camera manual in full. Often, I just waltz into Henry's Camera Store and learn a couple of things at a time. Photography workshops are on the list for ZEAL to offer, led by seasoned professionals! 

Here are my favourite photos from the day (and there were over 200 delivered). Woo! 

With zeal,

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